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We bring live entertainment to Ayr Hospital, Ailsa Hospital and Biggart Hospital from a purpose built studio within Ayr hospital. We are also available online so we can be heard from anywhere around the world. Our main focus is to specifically lift the mood and aid the recovery of our in-patients across our network of hospitals.

W H A T   W E   D O

We bring a friendly and local sound over the radio to our patients. We are well placed to provide the latest local news and most importantly we have the most versatile range of music across all generations and genres to provide the best entertainment service to our in-patients and to our listeners tuning in online.

Born in 28th November 1953 under the name Ayr Hospitals Relay Radio, we are Scotland's oldest hospital radio station. We first started broadcasting with Football Commentaries from Somerset Park, the home to Ayr United Football Club, with music being played before the match and again at half-time.In 1981 a three-and-a-half hour Record Programme started on Sundays, until the new Ayr Hospital Opened in 1992. From then on the music-side of the Charity moved to a new studio within the new hospital and that has been our home ever since.

W H O  W E  A R E

W H Y  C H O O S E  U S

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The Heartbeat of Ayrshire

Welcome to the home of Scotland's oldest hospital radio station. Here you can listen live and find out all you need to know about Ayr Hospital Radio

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We have shows available throughout the week so if you can spare a few hours a week please get in touch with us via the Contact page to find out more.

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